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Hardware & Software

At LaceyCo the solid platform on which we build is extensive involvement at the growing edge of technology since 1983 -- before Microsoft was a household name. We have demonstrated a passion to keep up with every trend in the industry since then. As a client, you become the beneficiary of what appears to be intuitive knowledge. Actually, it is more a huge library of information that was developed page by page in the school of hard knocks. While formal education is a part of the mix, the more dynamic ability comes from the real world experience of real people and their needs in the computerized world.

It is one thing to know the machines and the software; it is quite another thing to be able to communicate in layman's terms to every level of user ability from complete novice to seasoned expert.

Focal Points

Hardware and Software Help
  • Knowledge of all PC based hardware from the mother- board to the mouse.
  • Experience in configuring and trouble shooting network applications.
  • Expertise in the Windows operating environment.


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