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Internet & E-Commerce
At LaceyCo we have an intense interest in the power of communication. The internet has created the most powerful communication media yet created by man and the world is just getting started. We are breaking the new trail on your behalf.

Whether you are a nonprofit organization looking for a contemporary way to communicate with your constituents or a small business feeling you might be swamped by the new wave, we can help you by patiently and economically addressing the issues together in the order you need to face them. To this end we have added Webhosting to our list of services in order to better serve you.
The economy of having a professional friend just a phone call away to save you the time of solving problems by a hit and miss approach will make your internet experience much more productive.

Focal Points

  • Knowledge of all aspects of the internet.test
  • Experience in development of client databases, automatic response mechanism and internet security issues.
  • Expertise in fulfilling client defined needs.

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